Fragmentation 3: Impossible Distance

Spokane 189

My partner and I have been together for over seven years now, but we endured the first two in a long-distance relationship. Previously, we laid terrified side by side in dark dorm rooms on a precipice. We slowly admitted that our springtime fling had grown into the greatest thing that had ever happened to us.

There are many reasons I’m grateful we found each other when we did, including the ease of communication. Whenever the smartphone flush against my thigh sounded it’s staccato vibrations, I felt electrified. The signal sent a branching surge up my body like an inverted lightning bolt. My heart swelled, my brain ignited, and I could feel her hand in mine.

We did what we could to ease the longing. We undressed ourselves on the other side of buffering Skype calls. Our text messages read like clumsy erotica. Every evening was a chance to hear each other’s voice, if only for a quick “Good night”.

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Fragmentation 1: Super Green


My oldest memory, true or not, is the rattling ceiling of an ambulance. I was pretty young at the time, still clutching my sister’s hand-me-down teddy bear, and I was running an extremely high fever. I don’t know what the doctors did, or what they used, but I got better. So, whatever happened, it’s probably safe to say technology has always played a significant role in my life.

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